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The Ultimate Homeschool Lifestyle!

To homeschool is to choose change. One day at a time, we change lives. Our own personal lives, the lives of our children and the lives of those we come in contact with are changed by the little things. If you want to accomplish big things, big changes...take little steps.

It is the purpose of this website to assist you in your journey by leading you one babystep at a time until you are satisfied with the educational lifestyle you have chosen for your family, based on your values, goals, and your passions.

When we chose to homeschool our children, we chose a lifestyle. This lifestyle is very different from the standard life of most. We want to give our children a strong foundation to approaching life, to learning for a life time. Every part of life is education. Daily, routine activities become the life lessons we expound on and create learning environments for our children. While we have a "core structure" for our day, we are very open to life events to color our curriculum.


The goal? A memorable experience where my student(s) gets the joy of learning, the life skills for success, a Spiritual foundation, and a sense of who they are and why they are here.

We are here to guide you through the process. There are questions to be asked and goals to be defined. We take you by the hand (and the heart)and walk you through one step at a time. Our destination? The ultimate homeschool lifestyle for you and your family!

Are you ready? Grab a comfortable chair, a warm drink and put your seat belt on! We are starting YOUR homeschool adventure!

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Why Homeschool?
Why we choose to homeschool is as varied as each individual family. Let's explore your why.
Who homeschools?
Let's take a look at those who choose to homeschool.
How to Choose Your Homeschool Lifestyle
Our mission for this website is to help homeschooling families live the lifesstyle of their choosing, with confidence, joy and enthusiasm, by providing guidance, resources, and encouragement from one
YOUR Learning Style
A learning style is one way to define or explain how a person learns. Each person has his or her own distinct way processing information.
How We Learn to Read
How We Learn to Read? Most brain experts consider learning to take place though the senses. Through these avenues information is brought into the “processor”, sorted, and filed in the memory banks depending on its classification.
homeschooling approach
Defining a homeschooling approach for YOUR family is to decide how you will conduct your educational experience. The joy of homeschooling is that You can customize it to YOUR approach.
pros and cons of homeschooling
Part of making the decision to homeschooling should include weighing the pros and cons of homeschooling.
Getting Started on YOUR Adventure
Getting started on your adventure is exciting! We've done some thinking about our goals, needs, and styles, now lets get to the fun stuff!
homeschooling websites
Homeschooling websites with homeschooling resources at your finger tips. Everything you need for your adventure!
What about Socialization?
What about socialization? It's THE QUESTION asked of all homeschoolers.
Homeschool Curriculum
With so many homeschool curriculum choices available, how do I know which will suit my homeschool adventure?
homeschool room
We know where we are going and how we will get there! Now let’s pack! Let's see what our homeschool room will look like.
Creative Record Keeping
Record keeping is mandatory for some, helpful for all, and above all it can be fun!
Let's avoid homeschooling burnout
Sooner or later we all experience homeschooling burnout. Here are some tips to avoid it, cure it and enjoy your journey again.
Motivating Kids
In motivating kids to excel in his or her academic life, we can face quite a challenge.
Let's talk legal issues.
We are ready to imbark on our adventure, but what legal issues will affect us along the way? Each state, while homeschooling is legal in all fifty, has it’s own approach and regulations for homeschool
Homeschool Resources
Your homeschool resources at your fingertips! Everything you need for your adventure!
Homeschool Newsletter
A free homeschool newsletter, providing timely tips, relevant articles, proven curriculum reviews and excellent resources!
Curriculum Reviews
A list of our curriculum reviews. Add your own too!
Site Map
Our website at your fingertips
Homeschool Hub
Join our Homeschool Hub!Do you LOVE homeschooling? We would love to hear and see how you have defined YOUR homeschool lifestyle. We will feature a few of the

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